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Latín: Eridanus (Eri)
Inglés: River Eridanus Castellano: Eridano
Alemán: Fluss Eridanus Francés: Eridan

The main part of the faint constellation Eridanus is shown in the above photography (see lines). It has a long but narrow extension to the south which is difficult to observe from moderate latitudes.

In mid of December the above field culminates at about 10pm local time. The declination of Eridanus ranges from -58 (!) to 0 degrees. Eridanus can be found east of Cetus, south of Taurus, and west of prominent Orion. The bright star Rigel, Orion's right foot, can be seen at the left border of the above image. Above of Rigel is Cursa (beta Eri), with 2.8 mag the brightest star of Eridanus in our field of view. The brighter alpha Eri (Achernar) is far more south at a declination of 57.5 degrees.

Eridanus is poor in Deep-Sky-Objects. NGC 1535 is a 8 mag planetary nebula. The existing galaxies are much fainter.

© todas las fotografías han sido obtenidas por Till Credner y Sven Kohle