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Latín: Grus (Gru)
Inglés: Crane Castellano: Grulla
Alemán: Kranich Francés: Grue

Grus is a distinct constellation of the southern hemisphere (see lines). It can be found just south of Piscis Austrinus.

In mid of October Grus culminates at about 9 pm local time. The declination of the constellation borders reaches from -57 to -37 degrees. Brightest star is Alnair (1.7 mag), the white or even light bluish star of spectral class B5 just below the center of the image.

Grus offers many galaxies for deep sky observers. However, they are all about 12th magnitude or fainter and so hard to identify in the above wide field photography.

© todas las fotografías han sido obtenidas por Till Credner y Sven Kohle