The Deep Photographic Guide to the

The constellation of the month

Monoceros, Canis Minor

Data of Photography

Date:30.10.1995Time:4:00 UT
Exposure:40 minField of View:24o x 35o
Emulsion:Kodak Ektachrome 400 EliteOptics:f=55mm 1/3.5
Place: Calar AltoObserver:T. Credner

© Copyright by the observers


The image was obtained with a usual mechanic camera and lens of normal focal length (55mm).Guiding was done on a Super Polaris mount. The place is in southern Spain, where a darksky and good weather provides good observing conditions.


The conventional photography was digitized to 2048 x 3072 pixels and a color depthof 3 x 8 Bits.Digital image processing improved the quality of the image dramatically.The main steps are the subtraction of the terrestrial skybackground and following contrast enhancement.

Image Size and Resolution

Shown are reduced resolutions with a size of 512 x 341 pixels and 1024 x 683 pixels.If you are seriously interested in higher resolutions and accept ourcopyright, feelfree to contact us byemail.The special object sections do have the full resolution of the original scan, but of courseare limited to a smaller size of 255 x 255 pixels, equivalent to 3o x 3o in the sky.